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Jul 22nd, 2011

I’m a Japanese American in The Warriors. It’s night. I’m walking with Rembrandt and Ajax down the street toward a bridge and old baseball field. The streets are dirty, poorly lit, with litter in the sewage drains. The baseball field has no grass and the fences are torn up. Waiting for us at the baseball field are 3 members of The Punks. We meet them in the middle of the field. We agree that instead of everyone fighting , a fighter would be randomly selected (rock, paper, scissors) from each team with no weapons allowed. I lose and am forced to fight. My opponent is white, early 20s, athletic build, with a buzz cut. We are signaled to start fighting. After delivering several punches to the face to each other, we grapple. I’m slammed on the ground and then grab him with one arm across his throat and the other across his waist. I pull as hard as I can, trying to either choke him out or throw out his back. I eventually let go, letting him fall to the ground. As soon as he hits the ground I jump up, and with a downward kick, my heel connects with his crotch. Screaming with his jeans now completely covered in blood, I walk up to Rembrant and Ajax, give them each a knuckle bump, and we walk away laughing into the night.

Jul 20th, 2011.

I’m Superman, but I have no powers, living in a Utopian city. Everything is clean, the buildings are pearl white, and all lawns and gardens are perfectly maintained. The city is under siege by a futuristic military. If shot by their guns, that shoot bubbles, you’re automatically brainwashed into supporting them. From across a lake in the middle of the city, I witness some soldiers in grey with black masks (similar to the NCR ranger masks in Fallout: New Vegas) shoot my girlfriend, Amanda Lopez, under a weeping willow. Her clothes and hair instantly change into a new-wave hipsterish style. She looks across the lake at me, smiles, and walks away with the soldiers. I run to a nearby facility where civilians are taking refuge. When I walk in, I see a crowd of frightened people in a massive room with silver floors, white walls, and long windows on the right side overlooking an alley. I’m then given responsibility of protecting a woman who seems to be important (probably a politicians daughter or something.) The enemy soldiers begin to ram the bay doors. In a panic, the woman breaks one of the windows and jumps out into the alley to escape, but there were soldiers already waiting in ambush.  I watch her get shot and change like Amanda as soon as the doors blast open. Amanda and the soldiers in formation emerge through the smoke. Guns raised behind Amanda, she walks up to me. I ask her if being shot hurts and what life is like on the military’s side. She says being shot was a pleasant feeling and breaking away from the strict rules of the Utopian society was liberating. She then tells me I will never be with her if we are on opposing forces. I tell her I’m ready to join her. She smiles, kisses me, and steps aside. A soldier approaches, points his gun barrel at point blank in my face, and shoots. I wake up. -Jul 20th, 2011

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